April 20, 2018
Dear Parents,
Greetings as we near the end of another month!  We are really wrapping up this year.  It is hard for me to really believe, but the calendar shows me!
In Jesus time this week, we reviewed Jesus' resurrection, and the various people who Jesus showed Himself to.  We went on to talk about the 11 disciples who remain, and how Jesus told them that He would be leaving them, and He wanted them to continue His work here on earth.  We talked about how they might have felt at that "job"-happy, surprised, scared, etc.  We will continue this next week, but we know that WE are also disciples today-GO AND TELL!
A big chunk of our best learning time was spent on the achievement tests this week, so the paper work is less.   We're happy to have finished them.  I appreciate your having your child here on time.  I hope that can continue for the next few weeks of school.  We have many review activities that we are doing.  We've been working for several weeks now on vowels, and the recognition of vowels in the middle of the words-both long and short vowel sounds.  We've gotten quite skilled at this, so we had a test over it this week.  The test was really testing two things-1.  Knowing the sounds, and 2.  LISTENING to know what to write on our papers.  The test is in today's folder.  Most of the children did a very good job. 
**On TUESDAY, APRIL 24, We'll have our final recognition test-letters Aa-Zz, and those sounds, and numerals 0-100.  You know that I always recommend your running though this at home for confidence but we've done so many different activities and sheets dealing with this, that the children should be able to breeze through.  On MONDAY, April 30, we'll test over writing the alphabet in order.  We continue to prepare for this.  Practicing at home is always a help.  Here, we still have the "crutch" of the alphabet train in front of us (we won't the day of the test).  THEN, on TUESDAY, MAY 8, we'll have our FINAL WORD TEST-this will be over all of our sight words.  I have included a list in today's folder.  There will still be a few more words, but in case you've lost track of the words, this should be a help.  They only have to read them to me, but they have to be able to read them rather rapidly-if it is sounded out, it needs to be done with very little stall. 
Our newest math "skill" is when we learned about TALLY MARKS to counting or keeping score.  Sure glad that we used to count by 5's.  We continue doing a math sheet with mixed clocks or mixed addition, subtraction problem.  We're working on being careful, and checking our work.  We love when we get them all right, and get stickers. 
Congratulations to Riley who has reached the 100 mark with her friends on Books Read to me!  Keep reading and recording those books.  Wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE could add another 30 books before our year ends.  TRY IT!  Happy Sacks will come home on Monday, with Dylan, B. Dylan, Ella, and Helena.  Remember, it is a Show and Tell item. 
has taken over Reagan's place on the Kindergarten Kid board.  Look for him on there, as well as on the web site-www.atonementbb.com  
Happy Birthday to Jeremiah-our newest 6 year old.  We pray for God's loving hand to surround you as you continue to grow. 
Next Thursday, we will experience an "ON CAMPUS FIELD TRIP".  We have a gentleman coming from Forest Releaf of Missouri.  This will tie in with EARTH DAY WEEK, and ARBOR DAY.  We are going to learn about various plants, and learn how to tell the age of a tree.  It sounds like a lot of fun and information for us.  This is on campus to save the cost of the bus ride. 
More information will follow, but on Friday, May 4, we'll be attending the circus that is part of the Valley of the Flowers festivities.  We'll go on Friday morning.  The tickets are free, but there will be a small charge for the bus.  I'll let you know as soon as I have the amount.  I'm thinking perhaps $2.
SAVE THE DATE-Sunday, May 6, we will walk in the Valley of the Flowers Parade.  I don't have an exact time yet, but we'll have to meet on the parking lot around 12:30 PM.  Plan to join us, and show that ALS spirit. 
Another reminder of our graduation on the morning of MAY 17, at 9 AM.  There will be an hour long ceremony/program.  This will be the last day of school for the kindergartners, and they will be dismissed following this service. 
Have a wonderful weekend.  MAYBE Spring will arrive THIS weekend.  We can hope.


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