May 4, 2018
Dear Parents,
Greetings on this Valley of the Flowers weekend.  Please remember that we will be walking in the parade to represent the kindergartners of ALS.  YOU and YOUR CHILD are invited to walk with us.  A note went home on Thursday.  Walkers will need to be in the Atonement parking lot by 12:30 PM.   Great fun!

This week in Jesus Time we added to the story of the disciples getting ready for Jesus to return to heaven, and this would be when they became the ones to do Jesus' job of telling others of His love.  We added to this as we began practicing for our graduation speeches.  Make sure that your child is prepared to say those sentences on Monday. 

our test over sight words will be on Monday.  The children have worked on these here at school daily, and more at home, as they read their Books in a Bag, and their weekly sight word quizzes.  They will be expected to read the words smoothly.  If they need to sound them out, it will need to be done without a lot of hesitation.  The words were sent home for practice, along with last weeks (here, man, now, by, how, looking and she).   There will also be 10 bonus words (words we have had in our work of "ick" sound, "ow" sound, and other easy to sound out words.  This will not COUNT AGAINST the child if they are unable to read, but is a way to get extra credit on this test.  We added additional words this week.  THESE WILL NOT BE ON THE TEST, but I'm suggesting that you add these to your list for summer practice and review to make the transition into 1st grade a breeze.  The new words are:  map, what, nap, with and him.  We continue to give those quotation marks a work out, and practice recognizing rhyming words. 

The Happy Sacks will come home on Monday with Camryn, Simone, Savannah and Riley. Something special for us to see. 

We're still working on trying to get stickers for getting a perfect math test on addition/take away, and clocks on the hour and half hour.  We're averaging 6 perfect papers daily, and many with only l wrong.  Our math books on addition will soon be complete, and we'll be on our last math unit of take away. 

We're awaiting the "birth" of our butterflies.  They are in the chrysalis, and working hard to become a butterfly.  We're anxious.  

On Wednesday of last week, we went to the school library for the first time.  If your child has a library book out, please get them returned so that can be cleared from things that you "owe".  **The last Packet Pal came home this past Thursday.  Get them returned so that we can make sure that we have all of the parts back in place for the next year.  The Books in a Bag will come home two more times-Monday and Wednesday of next week.  Most of you are so good at returning these.  I don't THINK we've lost any of these books.  THANKS! 

Remember, all fees must be paid in order for your child to participate in graduation.  If there is a problem, check with the office.  Don't let your child miss out on this fun day.

Another reminder-Our Graduation is Thursday, May 17, at 9 AM.  We will "pose" for pictures on the steps down front (in front of the altar) of the church.  That will begin at 8:45.  The ceremony and awards will begin promptly at 9 AM, and will last about 1 hour.  Unlike our Christmas Program, you are invited to take pictures of this milestone.  Kindergarten will officially be over for the year.  The children can leave with you, or go to Child Care.  Invite family, friends and neighbors. 
Have a good weekend.  Try to help the kindergartners to be well represented in the parade Sunday. 

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