September 13, 2018

Hello to you from  Kindergarten!  We are working on doing more of our work independently.  I am seeing the children making improvements in making the letters—especially in their names, and the numbers are getting easier.  Thanks for a little at home practice. 

In Jesus Time, we continued our story of creation.  We have completed up through day 3.  We've been delayed a bit in trying to get our booklet caught up.   IN THE BEGINNING, GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH.   And-- ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM.  

This was "Cc" week, and Curly Caterpillar and Calvin Clown crawled into our classroom to help us with this letter.  It was great fun to wear our caps all day on Cap Day.  The letter papers continue to be fun for us to look at.  They seem to get better each week.  You might offer your child help by asking what was in the Happy Sacks. What kinds of things were in the "C Box" (or whichever letter), what letter books were read?  They are exposed to many things throughout the week that begin with the letter of the week.  OR you may find a page in a magazine, and ask your child to find the item that begins with the letter that you're looking for.  Each week, they are told to think of their favorite THING beginning with the letter of the week.  We then draw a picture of their favorite on Thursday. Remember if you help your child find pictures for their letter page, WORDS have to be something that they can read.   You might want to help your child throughout the week to think of something that would be their favorite.   I hope that your child will be able to sing the song about poor Curly.  See what they can remember about the story of Curly. 

We added a new word to our WORD WALL this week—"can".  These are pretty easy for the children so far.  They will become more difficult, and will be coming more rapidly, so don't fall behind in practicing them.  Beginning MONDAY, a small BOOK IN A BAG (as we will refer to them).  This first one has the date that it is sent home, and the title (notice that the title has a word and a picture).  On the card, the title is written out in words.  YOUR job is to have your child read this very simple book that is used to reinforce the sight words.  You are to have your child read it to you—more than once would be great.  Sign the book, return it to the bag, and return the book to school.  NOTE, these books look like 59 cent books.  They are part of our reading curriculum.  IF a book is lost, or damaged, replacement is $7.  Take care of the books, bags, and get them returned promptly.  Please be sure to leave the card in the bag. 

In Math, we're working on recognizing numerals 0-13.  WE'LL TEST ON THE RECOGNITION OF 0-19 on October 16. At this time, I'll also test over recognizing Aa-Gg. We "drill" on these daily, but it is always a good idea to practice with your child, as this increases confidence.    We're also practicing writing numerals 0-9.  We're working on right hand/left hand--we're good at that.  **Don't forget that we'll test on the days of the week.  NEXT THURSDAY—September 20, and their telephone number the next Thursday, September 27.     It would be helpful to review (or work on this) before the testing.    We are also learning to count to 100 by 10's.  This goes along with our "clip collection" and our 100th day sticker.  Have your child sing to 100 by 10's for you. 

The HAPPY SACKS will come home on Monday with Nayla, Milan, Lydia, and Kaytlin.  Please begin to think of that special "D" thing.  We'll be waiting.   Please help your child select one or two special items.  We'll need these back BY FRIDAY. 

We're happy to have added Milan and Nyla to our sticker chart of 10 books read.    CONGRATULATIONS to Charley and Owen for having earned their certificates for 50 books read.    Remember, there is a minimum of 10 books read per month.  We  have been in kindergarten for one month of school on Tuesday.  We have a couple of students that still haven't turned their first list in.  This is very important to these young minds that are beginning to read.     Make sure to help your child achieve that goal.

Don't forget—School Pictures—Wednesday, September 19.  Bring your Picture Envelope if you're interested in purchasing school pictures.  They are due by Wednesday morning.

Please have your $6 party money in BY next Friday—September 21. 

I'd like to share a little information on last Friday's Bear Day.  We made a graph of the bears.  The majority of the bears were brown medium.  ONE of the bears was black, but we had several white, and many that were other colors.  MANY of them wore clothes.  Some of our bears talked, or sang, one even prayed!  We enjoyed being in a parade with our bears.  Thanks for remembering!

Thanks to A.B. for sharing a cookie treat with us this week, and to Noah for sharing candy.  That treats!!

Since there is no school tomorrow, there was no library this week.  IF you didn't return your book from last week, please do so on Monday, so that your child doesn't miss out on going with his/her classmates.

Our newest Kindergarten Kid is Desmond!  We hit a glitch with his picture last week. Check him out on the web page—www.atonementbb.com, or on our hall wall.  

Another reminder—Our Class sings in church on Sunday, October 14, in the 8:15 service.  Please save that date so that your child can join us.   AND, our Christmas Program is Thursday, December 13 at 7:00 PM.  Mark that date on your calendar too. 

Enjoy the weekend.  Sounds like pretty days.  

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