January 12, 2018
Dear Parents,
Climb aboard the weather roller coaster again!!!!  Gotta love Missouri.
Our Jesus Time this week was a continuation of the story of the wise men, as we continued in the season of light-Epiphany. We love when the wise men stopped in Jerusalem to stop and talk to King Herrod to ask if he knew where King Jesus was.  Herrod hated the thought of another king, and he wanted to "do away" with Jesus.  He told the wise men that if they found Jesus, to come back and let him know where he was, as he also wanted to worship Him.  Have the children tell you how this was untrue, and really a trick that Herrod was playing on the wise men.  Let them tell you about the gifts that the wise men brought to the little toddler, Jesus.  Ask them about the angel-a messenger who visited the wise men.  How was Jesus kept safe?  We continued working on our STAR BOOK this week.  This will be in today's folder.  I hope that you can take a couple of minutes to let your child tell you about the pages of the booklet. 
We introduced the letter "P" this week.  The lower case "p" is somewhat of a challenge for some of us to make.  We like the sound that it makes though.  Polka Pig and Polly Polar Bear came to help us learn the sound.  We have 3 new sight words-red, that, and pig.  Another SIGHT WORD READING SHEET came home this week. There were some who did not return the first one.  Don't miss this opportunity to have an additional drill.  As I mentioned, these are recorded as "mini quizzes", and a paper not returned, goes down as a "zero".  They are sent home on Friday, and due back by Wednesday.   The "P" Happy Sacks will come home with Savannah, Riley, Reagan, and Noah.
We continue on our Math unit 5.  We are still working on recognizing various shapes. 
Congratulations to the Books Read to Me certificate earners:  Asia-300, Brielle-200, Camille-100, and London-50. If your child practices the SIGHT WORD READING SHEET, feel free to add that to your "books" read to me list also. 
We had our recognition test, and they are in today's folder.  We are into the second semester. Report cards will come home with your child next Friday-January 19.
No school on Monday-we are off in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King day.  We will be doing a unit on him next week.
Next Sunday-January 21, Atonement will host an Open House from 1-3 PM.  This is your opportunity to go and meet Mrs. Johnson in the first grade, and learn about what you and your child can expect in first grade. Feel free to stick your head in and say HI in the Kindergarten too.
we are going to need a cereal box for our Valentines.  Don't send it yet, but we're looking for a cereal box like cold cereal comes in-Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Captain Crunch, etc.  Directions will be coming soon. 
We extend our Christian Sympathy to the Montgomery family.  Savannah's grandfather passed away last weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Keep your eyes on the skies, and have a safe, warm weekend.
Doris Eggers

PS-This was typed Wednesday evening.  I then got hit with the cough and fever that is flying around the metro area.  SO we didn't test today.  Not sure what tomorrow holds between the weather and me.  SO, there is no test in the folders.  We'll get it made up.  So sorry for the inconvenience.  Thanks to Mrs. Washburn for keeping things running smoothly.

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